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Our electronic solutions

Electronic solutions to your mechanical problems (all brands)

Removal of the diesel particulate filter


Lower maintenance charges and lower fuel consumption? Remove the particles filter!

You have a problem with your particulate filter… Do not worry! We empty it physically and change the settings of the control unit to solve the problem forever!

Condemnation of the EGR valve

Condemnation of the EGR valve

Disable, Plug and replace the EGR valve

Lower optimum combustion and lower soot emission? Disconnect the EGR!

Does the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system of your car cause a lot of problems? Did you clean or replace the EGR valve several times already? We advise you definitely condemn it…

Removal of error codes

Removal of error codes

Does your car show error codes which cannot be removed by the computer’s diagnosis or a replacement of parts? Some LEDs remain lighting on the dashboard despite your car’s perfect technical condition? We have the solution!

Speed limiter removal/installation

Speed limiter removal/installation

Do you want to definitely get rid of your car’s speed limiter? According to the housing that fits your vehicle, we can do it!

Deactivation of the immobilizer

Deactivation of the immobilizer

Problems with the immobilizer in your car?

Your car can’t start? Does it start and stall immediately after? The immobilizer is often the cause of this problem, a software error prevents the car from starting. Our Center of diagnosis can solve this problem for all car brands. Even the immobilizer of the ECU engine management system of EDC17 / MED17 type is no problem for us.

Modifications and/or additions to options (VAG only)

On the vehicles of the VAG group we can run the following changes:

NOTE: The possibilities vary depending on the year of the car. The more the vehicle is recent, the more there are possibilities.


–         Remove the seat belt alarm

–         Activate the automatic locking of the doors as from 15 km/h

–         Activate the automatic opening of the doors after removal of the ignition key

–         Activate the flashers in US mode

–         Counter scanning at startup

–         Increase/decrease the strength of management assistance

–         Automatic lighting of flashlights when rain falls

–         Automatic closing of the windows and the sunroof when rain falls

–         Activate the leaving/coming home

–         Automatic lighting of flashlights as from 140 km/h

–         Adjust the defrosting time of the rear window and of the mirrors of the rear-view

–         Light intensity of ambient light

–         Disable the rear wiper when reversing

Mercedes SBC Unit Repair

Mercedes SBC Unit Repair Mercedes SBC Unit Repair

Miyagi Motorsport Pattaya can repair your SBC unit.



We can convert you European Map to East ASIAN Map for your Mercedes and Bmw.


Miyagi Motorsport is specialized in the repair and maintenance of all brands.