Ecu Remapping For CAR and BIKE

A custom cartography for your vehicle

The goal of our intervention is to develop a cartography from your original cartography, i.e. a custom cartography for your vehicle

This operation is the same for passenger vehicles, 4 × 4 vehicles, utility vehicles, camping-cars or trucks.


The first step: test drive your vehicle

This is to ensure the good health of your vehicle.

The second step: Extraction of your original program

We collect and save the original program contained in your engine management ECU.
The data transfer on your original cartography can be extracted in two ways:
Via the diagnosis of your vehicle (70% of interventions)
By intervening directly on your engine management ECU (30% of interventions)

The third step: optimizing your engine cartography

The original program is modified.
The latter will optimize the characteristics of your vehicle based on your original program.
All settings have been developed on a test bench and the gains we are announcing were measured and verified.

The fourth step: loading your modified cartography

Our goal is to allow the customer to be aware of the change as soon as he returns to his vehicle.
If the customer is satisfied: we validate the intervention.
If the customer is still not satisfied: we are committed to deliver the original vehicle and bill nothing.

The fifth stage: Totally free After-sales Service

We provide a completely free service after sale.

If the constructor erases your program, for an update for example, we input a new program taking into account this update and that over a period of 2 years. Your file is saved on our server.

What you should know…

Since 1998 vehicles are equipped with a box of said engine management ECU (ENGINE CONTROL UNIT)

This unit is designed for reliability and performance reasons, in this perspective, vehicles evolved in a meaningful way in 10 years.

Thanks to companies such as Bosch, Siemens, Delphi, Magneti Marelli and Sagem car manufacturers have improved the behavior of vehicles in general, in flexibility, in power, etc…


What is an ECU made of?


Your engine includes a series of probes and sensors that permanently inform the engine unit of its operating status such as temperature of oil, water, air and also atmospheric pressure or turbo pressure and amount of air etc…


Our specialty is to optimize the parameters of the engine unit so that the tolerances of operation expand and we also modify the limiters the manufacturer installed in order to sell the same engine to different powers.


Indeed it would be tedious for a vehicle manufacturer to manufacture several different engines for a standard line of vehicles so everything goes to the level of engine cartography…


Until 2007 a standard is established by the engine unit manufacturers for electronic components, a Motorola MPC 5XX processor unit, an E² ROM and a flash memory (chip) that contains the engine cartography settings, sometimes these settings are contained in the microprocessor which also includes a flash memory of smaller capacity.


From 2008 a new standard is born, it becomes standardized in all brands, this standard includes the replacement of the internal microprocessor (INFINEON TRICORE) only, which includes on its own an E²ROM and a flash memory, so less risk of failure and a much faster calculation of all of the information from the engine which allows to increase environmental tolerances…