We offer a full service ranging from the replacement of the battery, alternator and Starter looking for power failure.

We are also able to search and solve the problems of power consumption.


Explanation of the car charging circuit.
The charging and starting system allows for the operation of the multiple electric bodies present on your vehicle (lighting, power windows, heated rear window…). It also allows for the launch of your engine through the starter.


The ‘battery’ LEDs lights up on the dashboard
When starting, the speed of rotation of the motor is low or absent.
The lighting intensity is low and reduces when other elements are turned on.
The speed of the windscreen wipers reduces.

On certain vehicles (Opel) handling becomes hard as soon as the voltage is no longer sufficient.


What happens when I turn the key?
At the engine is launched, the starter consumes a lot of battery power. The starter is with the glow plugs, the largest consumer of power. If the battery is not properly charged, it cannot provide all the necessary energy: the engine does not start.

It is good to note that the ‘Common rail’ diesel engine requires a minimum speed for the starting of the engine

A few simple controls:
The ‘battery’ indicator must light up when put into contact and turn off at the start of the engine.
Check the alternator drive belt and the tensioner. (If the belt breaks, the alternator no longer works).
The battery led should be green (if the battery is equipped with an LED).

We are fully equipped to perform these checks.
Some tips to preserve car battery:
Disconnect your battery terminals when your vehicle is parked for some time (over a week). Be careful with the auto radio code and with some comforts resets that should be reprogram when reconnecting.

Always disconnect the negative (-) Terminal first and reconnect the positive terminal (+) first!


Some items require a lot of energy (rear window and windshield heating…), when using one of these elements, the engine must be running.
It takes a little more than 5 minutes to recharge a kick starter. Small repeated journeys will discharge your battery faster.
In winter, we solicit more systems energy consumers (headlights, rear window heating…). In addition, the cold diminishes the batteries ability to start. It is recommended to check our battery and alternator when winter starts.


In some cases, a starter that still works no matter what, can prevent the engine from starting or make starting difficult. This is due to its wear, which decreases its speed of rotation.

We provide reinforced starters for some models which are regularly subject to this kind of problem. (Most often for the GAW group)