BMC Air Filter

High performance air filter

Our company sells the complete BMC auto brand: replacement filters, conical filters, dynamic carbon admission, oval air box as well as all the accessories of the BMC brand.

These top brand BMC air filters provide your vehicle with a better protection for the engine while increasing the air flow and thus performance.

Replacement air filter for automobiles

Replacement air filter for automobiles


Replacement air filters are available for all types of vehicles. They are of planar or cylindrical shape, commonly called replacement filter, they are generally installed in the original air box, identical to the standard model. They differ however due to the materials used in their development. They allow a higher airflow combined with improved filtration quality.


Conical air filter

Conical air filter

A conical filter installation requires disassembly of the original air box. It comes installed either on the entrance of the flow meter, or on the intake manifold. To get the best performance, it should be isolated from nearby heat sources located in the engine compartment. 2 lines of conical filters exist at BMC 2: single and double cones. Double cones offer the advantage of offering a superior filtration surface, which allows an increased air flow, an increase in power and a more sportive sound.


CDA – Carbon Dynamic Admission


This kit comes in place of the original filter set. Its principle is based on the use of a true carbon envelope in which a filter element is located. The CDA will use the speed of the car as a true accelerator. The more the car increases its speed, the more the amount of air that enters the CDA via its forced air intake is important. This same quantity of air is accelerated through the deflector located at the top of the filter element and thus enters in the engine “under pressure”. This excess air will improve the explosion phase, for additional power. As for the carbon envelope, it acts as a heat shield, protecting the fresh air inside from the engine heat sources. The CDA then offers increased power and torque, a resolutely high-tech look and a much sportier sound.


OTA – Oval Trumpet Airbox

OTA - Oval Trumpet Airbox

The latest at BMC offers a high performance ultra-filtration with a very sharp reduction in losses. In other words, a maximum of air with a minimum of impurities and dust. Its oval shape makes its installation in the engine compartment easier. Inside is found a trumpet-shaped device. Located just before where air enters the flowmeter, it goes and “powers on” the engine with air. This dynamic effect is directly related to its peculiar shape. The filtering set all coupled with this trumpet strongly reduced pressure drop regardless of engine speed, and fully maximizes the increase of air pressure function of the speed of the car.


DIA – Direct Intake Airsytem

DIA - Direct Intake Airsytem


Line of air filter intended to fully fill the cylinders. Intended primarily for competition.

For more information techniques and application list, you can view the BMC site