High Pressure for more Power

Tuned vehicles burn more fuel, which at a certain performance level can no longer be supplied by a standard high pressure fuel pump. Our high pressure fuel pumps have been especially designed for use in tuned racing and road vehicles. They supply the necessary pressure and fuel, even at high performance levels.


  • Developed for racing and tuned vehicles
  • Higher pressure levels, higher flow ratesloba HP20
  • The appearance is nearly identical to that of an OEM pump
  • Hardened cylinders and pistons made from a special alloy
  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated pistons
  • Developed and produced by LOBA Motorsport

Available products for:




Our turbochargers have undergone complex optimization processes and modifications. The actual upgrades vary depending on the model.

  • Modified compressor housing
  • Modified turbine housing
  • LOBA Motorsport CNC Aluminium compressor wheels
  • Reinforced actuatorsLoba turbo lo400
  • Optimised manifolds
  • Optimised wastegates
  • Optimised backplates
  • Reinforced bearings
  • Reworked manually
  • Optimised gap dimensions
  • Easy installation without expensive vehicle retrofitting
  • Developed and produced by LOBA Motorsport

Available products for:

VAG 2.0 TSI/TFSI (EA113 & EA888), VAG 2.5 TFSI, VAG 4.0 TFSI, VAG 5.0 TFSI, VAG 2.0 TDI, VAG V6 3.0 TDI + PORSCHE 997 TURBO, GT2 + MINI JCW R56 +

 FOCUS RS MK3 + FOCUS ST MK3 + BMW M1, 135i 

More Flow for more Power

Tuning often begins with software optimization, but the existing vehicle reserves are quickly maxed out and the maximum performance achieved. Achieving even higher performance levels is only possible with hardware modifications. For charged turbo motors, replacing the standard turbocharger for a more powerful Upgrade Turbocharger is a smart option. Our Upgrade Turbochargers are designed and optimised specifically for the tuning and racing industry. All of our models are adapted to fit a specific type of motor or vehicle. This enables the production of customised products which help achieve significantly higher performance levels.

In many cases, our Upgrade Turbocharger can be installed without the need for further vehicle hardware modifications. But it does make sense to carry out further modifications, to get the most out of our products. Software adaptation for our turbochargers is essential; a clearly improved turbocharger also requires clearly improved software.


High Performance Racing Fuels


Miyagi Motorsport is the official ETS RACING FUELS distributor for Thailand.

Pilote Honda ets




A full range of premium, cutting edge racing fuels from ETS is produced for use with motorbikes, cars and water sport equipment. More than 50 national and world racing titles have been won with factory and private teams using ETS Racing Fuels.

This was done by opting for different strategies and methods than used by competitors even if they were more expensive. The strong and long term partnerships held by ETS Racing Fuels are a reflection of its capabilities and superior racing fuels.



– Air/fuel ratio, ignition advance must absolutely be checked and re-tuned to reach optimum performances. Ignition and injection mapping or carburetor jetting are strongly recommended to be adapted.
– In order to maintain the original properties, and according to Health and Safety regulations of commercial fuels, this gasoline shall be handled and stored in a cool place, well ventilated, away from any source of ignition or moisture and always maintained in tightly shut drums. In addition, refer to your local regulations.


IRF 102

Good value for money, IRF brings more power and very good consistency if we compare it to pump station fuel or with competitors fuels which are basically low prices oriented. Can be used on Atmo and Turbo engines.

Regulation FIA Appendix J 2015/FIM/CIK

IRF 10215107230_563191613864620_1748692170680787727_n     220px-Capirossi_Hayden_Rossi_2005


JSK 8 


  • For JETSKI
    Can be used for 2 and 4 strokes engine, Atmo, or Turbo. On Seadoo race engine (360 HP), you’ll get 11 HP more than AVGAS fuel and 8 HP more than our best competitor fuel. On a Kawasaki Ultra 300 X engine stock you get 6 horses more than the RON99 from Finish petrol stations. Depending on your type of engine, your compression ratio, and especially your efficiency in settings, carburation, ignition, you’ll be able to see great improvement.

jetski race 2

  • For CARS
    Can be used for supercars or any track racing normal aspirated or turbo engine, when FIA fuel regulation is not applied. Its high oxygen contact, high combustion energy allows mappers & drivers to feel the huge advantage using this fuel. Specially recommended in countries where humidity is high as this fuel protect the engine from corrosion as it doesn’t contain any trace of ethanol.




Diesel fuel with high cetane number. Allows to get a very good performance with easy engine setting. Can be used on track races, rally, trucks races or run with diesel cars.





The only FIA regulated diesel fuel with a high oxygen content which enables great performances after mapping adjustment. Formulated with bio components, this fuel can support federation to promote clean races. Contains up to 10 % of biocarburant. Increased performances for competition truck or light duty engines.


RACING DIESEL X2pickup race


Drag race start



Available in 19 litres Drums

RON:                                 > 115

MON:                                 > 101

DENSITY:                          745 KG/M3

OXYGEN CONTENT:        11 %

REGULATION:                  ANDRA homologated

motorbike dragrace

Leaded Racing Fuel

Especially designed for drag racing application

Very high octane fuel, especially blended for supercharged and turbo charged engines or natural aspirated engines with very high compression ratio.

Especially designed for engines running at full throttle with high compressions ratio & working at high rpm, 2 or 4 strokes

Positively tested on :
– Drag racing V8 pushroad engine small block & big block
– Bike & scooter drag racing
– Drift turbocharged engine                                                                                                                                                                                                               – Boat drag racing



Due to its high combustion speed and high combustion energy, P14 fuel develops performances especially during transient rates giving better acceleration and decreasing turbo response time.

Thanks to a selection of the most efficient molecules and additives, this fuel offers the best engine performances which can be achieved

P14 is not based on a pure molecule blend chemistry, but on high consistency petroleum feedstock chemistry


– Air/fuel ratio, ignition advance must absolutely be checked and re-tuned to reach optimum performances. Ignition and injection mapping or carburetor jetting are strongly recommended to be adapted.
– In order to maintain the original properties, and according to Health and Safety regulations of commercial fuels, this gasoline shall be handled and stored in a cool place, well ventilated, away from any source of ignition or moisture and always maintained in tightly shut drums. In addition, refer to your local regulations.

Ecu Remapping For CAR and BIKE

A custom cartography for your vehicle

The goal of our intervention is to develop a cartography from your original cartography, i.e. a custom cartography for your vehicle

This operation is the same for passenger vehicles, 4 × 4 vehicles, utility vehicles, camping-cars or trucks.


The first step: test drive your vehicle

This is to ensure the good health of your vehicle.

The second step: Extraction of your original program

We collect and save the original program contained in your engine management ECU.
The data transfer on your original cartography can be extracted in two ways:
Via the diagnosis of your vehicle (70% of interventions)
By intervening directly on your engine management ECU (30% of interventions)

The third step: optimizing your engine cartography

The original program is modified.
The latter will optimize the characteristics of your vehicle based on your original program.
All settings have been developed on a test bench and the gains we are announcing were measured and verified.

The fourth step: loading your modified cartography

Our goal is to allow the customer to be aware of the change as soon as he returns to his vehicle.
If the customer is satisfied: we validate the intervention.
If the customer is still not satisfied: we are committed to deliver the original vehicle and bill nothing.

The fifth stage: Totally free After-sales Service

We provide a completely free service after sale.

If the constructor erases your program, for an update for example, we input a new program taking into account this update and that over a period of 2 years. Your file is saved on our server.

What you should know…

Since 1998 vehicles are equipped with a box of said engine management ECU (ENGINE CONTROL UNIT)

This unit is designed for reliability and performance reasons, in this perspective, vehicles evolved in a meaningful way in 10 years.

Thanks to companies such as Bosch, Siemens, Delphi, Magneti Marelli and Sagem car manufacturers have improved the behavior of vehicles in general, in flexibility, in power, etc…


What is an ECU made of?


Your engine includes a series of probes and sensors that permanently inform the engine unit of its operating status such as temperature of oil, water, air and also atmospheric pressure or turbo pressure and amount of air etc…


Our specialty is to optimize the parameters of the engine unit so that the tolerances of operation expand and we also modify the limiters the manufacturer installed in order to sell the same engine to different powers.


Indeed it would be tedious for a vehicle manufacturer to manufacture several different engines for a standard line of vehicles so everything goes to the level of engine cartography…


Until 2007 a standard is established by the engine unit manufacturers for electronic components, a Motorola MPC 5XX processor unit, an E² ROM and a flash memory (chip) that contains the engine cartography settings, sometimes these settings are contained in the microprocessor which also includes a flash memory of smaller capacity.


From 2008 a new standard is born, it becomes standardized in all brands, this standard includes the replacement of the internal microprocessor (INFINEON TRICORE) only, which includes on its own an E²ROM and a flash memory, so less risk of failure and a much faster calculation of all of the information from the engine which allows to increase environmental tolerances…


BMC Air Filter

High performance air filter

Our company sells the complete BMC auto brand: replacement filters, conical filters, dynamic carbon admission, oval air box as well as all the accessories of the BMC brand.

These top brand BMC air filters provide your vehicle with a better protection for the engine while increasing the air flow and thus performance.

Replacement air filter for automobiles

Replacement air filter for automobiles


Replacement air filters are available for all types of vehicles. They are of planar or cylindrical shape, commonly called replacement filter, they are generally installed in the original air box, identical to the standard model. They differ however due to the materials used in their development. They allow a higher airflow combined with improved filtration quality.


Conical air filter

Conical air filter

A conical filter installation requires disassembly of the original air box. It comes installed either on the entrance of the flow meter, or on the intake manifold. To get the best performance, it should be isolated from nearby heat sources located in the engine compartment. 2 lines of conical filters exist at BMC 2: single and double cones. Double cones offer the advantage of offering a superior filtration surface, which allows an increased air flow, an increase in power and a more sportive sound.


CDA – Carbon Dynamic Admission


This kit comes in place of the original filter set. Its principle is based on the use of a true carbon envelope in which a filter element is located. The CDA will use the speed of the car as a true accelerator. The more the car increases its speed, the more the amount of air that enters the CDA via its forced air intake is important. This same quantity of air is accelerated through the deflector located at the top of the filter element and thus enters in the engine “under pressure”. This excess air will improve the explosion phase, for additional power. As for the carbon envelope, it acts as a heat shield, protecting the fresh air inside from the engine heat sources. The CDA then offers increased power and torque, a resolutely high-tech look and a much sportier sound.


OTA – Oval Trumpet Airbox

OTA - Oval Trumpet Airbox

The latest at BMC offers a high performance ultra-filtration with a very sharp reduction in losses. In other words, a maximum of air with a minimum of impurities and dust. Its oval shape makes its installation in the engine compartment easier. Inside is found a trumpet-shaped device. Located just before where air enters the flowmeter, it goes and “powers on” the engine with air. This dynamic effect is directly related to its peculiar shape. The filtering set all coupled with this trumpet strongly reduced pressure drop regardless of engine speed, and fully maximizes the increase of air pressure function of the speed of the car.


DIA – Direct Intake Airsytem

DIA - Direct Intake Airsytem


Line of air filter intended to fully fill the cylinders. Intended primarily for competition.

For more information techniques and application list, you can view the BMC site


New generation vehicles are full of electronic boxes. These enclosures are interconnected and share information from the different electrical systems and/or electronic systems of the vehicle. Several functions of the vehicle are directly dependent on the proper functioning of these boxes.



The computers are equipped with a self-diagnosis system, they test each element and record all the anomalies detected, even the sporadic ones.

Depending on the encountered anomaly, the computer lights or doesn’t light the led located in your meter connected to the failing system.

This is why it is important to read, analyze and then erase these memories (even if no led is on) at each examination in order to anticipate a potential failure.

We are trained and equipped with multi-brand diagnostic tools that permit us to read the electronic boxes of all models.

We also possess interfaces specific to several brands:

–          BMW

–          PEUGEOT

–          CITROEN

–          RENAULT

–          SEAT

–          AUDI

–          SKODA

–          MERCEDES

–          VOLKSWAGEN

–          BENTLEY

–          PORSCHE



These interfaces allow us to perform some tests and actions that the said “standard” or “all brands” diagnostic equipment does not.

In this way we can “identify” the problems more effectively and limit blind repairs.



Since the end of the 1990s, the introduction of electronics helped improve the performance of vehicles in terms of safety, comfort and consumption.

The failure of one piece connected to one of the calculators (computers) can cause comfort problems, overconsumption, lighting LEDs on the dashboard or even a broken engine.

The risks incurred:

Alteration of the automotive comfort (air conditioning…).

Over-consumption of fuel.

Lack of power of the vehicle.

Failure of a security system (ABS, ESP, Airbags, pretensions…).

Deterioration of other mechanical elements (ex: a particle filter or a mouth catalyst may break a turbocharger if we don’t intervene)

Immobilization of the vehicle.



From the car’s computer, what is multiplexing?

Multiplexing is the technology used in computers since a very long time ago. It was introduced in cars at the end of the 1990s.

Multiplexing reduces the number of sensors and beams allowing several boxes to use the information in a single sensor.

The failure of a sensor can then have consequences, unexpected and difficult to explain.


For example:

The volume of your car radio varies randomly and the engine management light stays on in the dashboard. The speed sensor of the car useful to your engine management and to your system permitting the adjustment of the volume of the radio depending on the speed of the vehicle is defective.

We offer a full service ranging from the replacement of the battery, alternator and Starter looking for power failure.

We are also able to search and solve the problems of power consumption.


Explanation of the car charging circuit.
The charging and starting system allows for the operation of the multiple electric bodies present on your vehicle (lighting, power windows, heated rear window…). It also allows for the launch of your engine through the starter.


The ‘battery’ LEDs lights up on the dashboard
When starting, the speed of rotation of the motor is low or absent.
The lighting intensity is low and reduces when other elements are turned on.
The speed of the windscreen wipers reduces.

On certain vehicles (Opel) handling becomes hard as soon as the voltage is no longer sufficient.


What happens when I turn the key?
At the engine is launched, the starter consumes a lot of battery power. The starter is with the glow plugs, the largest consumer of power. If the battery is not properly charged, it cannot provide all the necessary energy: the engine does not start.

It is good to note that the ‘Common rail’ diesel engine requires a minimum speed for the starting of the engine

A few simple controls:
The ‘battery’ indicator must light up when put into contact and turn off at the start of the engine.
Check the alternator drive belt and the tensioner. (If the belt breaks, the alternator no longer works).
The battery led should be green (if the battery is equipped with an LED).

We are fully equipped to perform these checks.
Some tips to preserve car battery:
Disconnect your battery terminals when your vehicle is parked for some time (over a week). Be careful with the auto radio code and with some comforts resets that should be reprogram when reconnecting.

Always disconnect the negative (-) Terminal first and reconnect the positive terminal (+) first!


Some items require a lot of energy (rear window and windshield heating…), when using one of these elements, the engine must be running.
It takes a little more than 5 minutes to recharge a kick starter. Small repeated journeys will discharge your battery faster.
In winter, we solicit more systems energy consumers (headlights, rear window heating…). In addition, the cold diminishes the batteries ability to start. It is recommended to check our battery and alternator when winter starts.


In some cases, a starter that still works no matter what, can prevent the engine from starting or make starting difficult. This is due to its wear, which decreases its speed of rotation.

We provide reinforced starters for some models which are regularly subject to this kind of problem. (Most often for the GAW group)

Electronic Special Solution

Our electronic solutions

Electronic solutions to your mechanical problems (all brands)

Removal of the diesel particulate filter


Lower maintenance charges and lower fuel consumption? Remove the particles filter!

You have a problem with your particulate filter… Do not worry! We empty it physically and change the settings of the control unit to solve the problem forever!

Condemnation of the EGR valve

Condemnation of the EGR valve

Disable, Plug and replace the EGR valve

Lower optimum combustion and lower soot emission? Disconnect the EGR!

Does the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system of your car cause a lot of problems? Did you clean or replace the EGR valve several times already? We advise you definitely condemn it…

Removal of error codes

Removal of error codes

Does your car show error codes which cannot be removed by the computer’s diagnosis or a replacement of parts? Some LEDs remain lighting on the dashboard despite your car’s perfect technical condition? We have the solution!

Speed limiter removal/installation

Speed limiter removal/installation

Do you want to definitely get rid of your car’s speed limiter? According to the housing that fits your vehicle, we can do it!

Deactivation of the immobilizer

Deactivation of the immobilizer

Problems with the immobilizer in your car?

Your car can’t start? Does it start and stall immediately after? The immobilizer is often the cause of this problem, a software error prevents the car from starting. Our Center of diagnosis can solve this problem for all car brands. Even the immobilizer of the ECU engine management system of EDC17 / MED17 type is no problem for us.

Modifications and/or additions to options (VAG only)

On the vehicles of the VAG group we can run the following changes:

NOTE: The possibilities vary depending on the year of the car. The more the vehicle is recent, the more there are possibilities.


–         Remove the seat belt alarm

–         Activate the automatic locking of the doors as from 15 km/h

–         Activate the automatic opening of the doors after removal of the ignition key

–         Activate the flashers in US mode

–         Counter scanning at startup

–         Increase/decrease the strength of management assistance

–         Automatic lighting of flashlights when rain falls

–         Automatic closing of the windows and the sunroof when rain falls

–         Activate the leaving/coming home

–         Automatic lighting of flashlights as from 140 km/h

–         Adjust the defrosting time of the rear window and of the mirrors of the rear-view

–         Light intensity of ambient light

–         Disable the rear wiper when reversing

Mercedes SBC Unit Repair

Mercedes SBC Unit Repair Mercedes SBC Unit Repair

Miyagi Motorsport Pattaya can repair your SBC unit.



We can convert you European Map to East ASIAN Map for your Mercedes and Bmw.


Miyagi Motorsport is specialized in the repair and maintenance of all brands.